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2023 Poetry Contest Contestants

Be Different

Be You

Do not let anyone stop you from being you. This is your life. You control it.

Compassionate Symphony

A tribute to my wonderful mother.

Elegant Spring

My daughter chose this topic because she loves nature, animals, and spring.

Embrace All Emotions

Don't be afraid to feel.

Fantastic Spring Fruits

Spring Poem to make you smile


This poem shares about how true friends act toward each others.

Friendship Poem

This poem is about friends, what real friendship means.

Gift of Christmas

Grateful for Life

A good reason on being Grateful.

How You Are Unique

This is a poem that tells everyone that they are unique and they never have to doubt it.

Hue of the Beach

Raphi would like to convey to his readers that even if they feel there's no way out, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

I Remembered

This is a meaningful poem that shows how tight a friendship is.

I'm Free

This piece emphasizes a child's inherent respect for other living beings and reminds us that what we need to grow is love.


Short and sweet! Know LOVE- is surrounds all of us.

Magnificent Friendship

My child loves her friends.


My Friends Make Me Happy

Kirin wrote this poem to encourage others to be themselves and do what makes them happy. “Dedicated to all his friends that have picked him up along the way”- Kirin

My Loving Mother

My Own Unique Me

Nature's Beauties

Natures Magnificent Beauty

It is a poem about a variety of things in nature from the wildlife to the plants. It shows how to appreciate nature for those who can't.

Never Stop Trying


This is a poem about a color; periwinkle.

Precious Silver

Phoenix wrote this poem for Mothers Day.



Red Bird

This poem shows a cute story in nature that can brighten up young children's day.

Rise Up

Keep going no matter what.

The Battle Against Yourself

This is my son's amazing poem about what he feels when he is nervous and insecure of himself before he plays a sport. It will help other kids who are battling the same things.

The Beauty Of Nature

This poem shows how you can appreciate the nature around us. How beautiful, wonderful it is.

The Best Teacher.

Funny rhyming poem to help brighten up your day.

The Bright Blue Ocean

Gwyneth's poem is one of hope and dreams, using the ocean as a metaphor for growing up. It communicates how nature can guide you to find yourself when you feel lost.

The Gift of Life

This poem shows you to be grateful for your life, your family, your friends, everybody.

The Gift of the Ocean

Sometimes in life we need to slow down and remind ourselves to enjoy the great beauties around us. Phoenix has a deep passion for sea life and making a difference in this world. This poem hopefully inspires others to appreciate the world around us as it comes in many forms.

The Gingerbread Man

This poem can brighten up anyone's day and bring a smile to their face.

The Hint of Hope

This poem shows you to never ever give up even when the times are hard. Hope is the thing that let's hopelessness disappear.

The Lock of Friendship

This poem is about how important a friend is.

The Phoebe

The Wonders of Nature

My child chose this topic because she loves nature and animals.


Verdant and Lively

Raphi wants to convey to his readers of the importance of true friendship.

What you are

This is a poem about seeing the good qualities in yourself and how special each and every child is. It's about self-worth. It is meaningful and was written from the heart.

When I Take the Shot

It is about the camaraderie of competing together on a teem.

Who is a good friend?

It helps people give comfort and inspiration especially if their struggling to maintain a friendship or when they are lonely.

Wonders of Nature

My daughter did a very good job on this poem with her friend. She loves nature.

You Can Be You

Your Loved Self

It will help the kids that don't feel loved and or that are stressed. I chose the topic because I just want everyone to know they are loved.


This poem is special because it is all about yourself.

magnificant friendship

my child loves making poems that is why she signed up for the poem contest.


my daughter loves the season spring and she was excited about the contest.

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