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Poetry Contest Guidelines


The written and spoken word has the capacity to hurt or to heal.  We'd like to use words to help empower children and use them to help build self-esteem, boost confidence and teach children self-awareness. 

Through the power of poetry, we'd like to create a positive ripple effect and help children around the world feel good about themselves.  Submissions will be published on our website and social media, along with a photo of the author.   Participants can share their work with everyone they know and gather votes.  The best works will be published in a book called Little Wise Ones and sold in major book retailers and on Amazon.   

10% of all book sale proceeds will be donated to children's literacy organizations.  

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three poems in several age groups. 
Winners will be announced by July 15, 2023 and be notified by email.  

Free to Enter.


Poems can be done in any style and will be judged less on style and form but more on the intended message and clear and concise delivery of that message.

  • All submissions must be original work in its entirety from the child contestant.

  • Poems can be on any subject and in any style, but it must be positive in nature, it must be uplifting or helpful to another child.  Perhaps your child would like to share what they want to be when they grow up, or adventures they want to go on.  Or maybe they want to share how they overcame a struggle or how they self-soothe, what makes them happy, or how they face their fears, deal with emotions or give love.  

  • Parents can decide if they want their child's real name or a pen name to be published.

  • A photo of the child or an illustration representing the poem must be entered with each submission.

  • Record a short video of your child reading their original work.  The video is not required.  But video submissions will be shared on our website and the audio portions will be shared on our new podcast for your friends and family to hear!  Video submissions can be of a drawing or a video of them showing off their original work if the child doesn't want to read it in front of the camera.  They can also wear a costume if they want to be anonymous. They will be posted on our website and on social media for you to share.  This shows us a bit of their personality!  

  • Entries received after the June 30, 2023 deadline will automatically be entered into the next year's poetry contest. 

  • Poems must be at least 5 lines, but not longer than 50. 

  • Participants must be between the ages of 2-15.

  • By submitting your child's work, you agree to allow your child's photo (or illustration) and original work to be published on our podcastwebsite, social media, and if chosen, in the book Little Wise Ones

  • No royalties are paid to contestants other than cash prizes if chosen. 

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