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Cast Your Vote By Oct. 31st, 2023

Little Wise One's Contest Winners

Welcome to our Reader's Choice Voting Page for "Little Wise Ones: Uplifting Poetry for Kids by Kids"! You're in for a treat as you get to read and select your favorite among three heartfelt children's poems, all of which will be featured in our first edition, along with many other amazing poems from students.

Your vote isn't just about picking a favorite; it's about shaping the order in which these poems will be presented in the book. Plus, there are cash prizes at stake:

  • 1st Place: $50

  • 2nd Place: $25

  • 3rd Place: $25

As you explore each poem, consider the following criteria:

1. Overall Message: Dive into the core message of each poem. Which one resonates most with you, offering young readers an uplifting and inspiring message?

2. Emotional Impact: Pay attention to how each poem makes you feel. Do they bring joy, empathy, or a sense of wonder? Your emotional connection matters.

3. Flow and Readability: Appreciate the flow and readability of the verses. Which poem captures your attention and keeps you engaged effortlessly?

Your vote will not only honor these young poets but also contribute to the publication's final order, ensuring an impactful reading experience for all. So, read, reflect, and cast your vote to determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in this wonderful celebration of creativity and talent. Thank you for being part of this uplifting journey!

out of the box.png

Be Different

It's okay to be different

It's okay to look





Difference is something in the world

that makes every single person


Difference is good

Without difference

The world would be boring and bland

It's never a bad thing to say

I'm different

Because everyone is

It's okay to

Be different

Never Stop Trying

Never stop trying, don't give up.

when things get hard, get back up.


I trip and fall, my possibilities fade away.

I get back up, and don't let it ruin my day.


This is what life is all about,

When things get tough, don't sit and pout.

Instead, get up and shout,

"I'm never giving up, this is what life is about!"


Never stop trying, don't give up.

There is hope, if you look close up.

That things are looking up!


You will fly,

If you really try,

And get lifted up, into the sky.


You are not just a little pond fish,

You are really a shark, with your despair abolished

Look at the things that you can accomplish!

out of the box.png
out of the box.png

Rise Up 

When the weight of the world

Bears heavy on your soul

And you feel like giving up 

And letting go of all control

Remember that within you

Lies a power pure and strong

A spirit that can conquer

Any struggle, pain, or wrong

So rise up, dear one, rise up

And let your light shine bright

For you are capable of greatness

And your potential has no height

With every step you take

And every breath you breathe

You move closer to your purpose

And the life you long to lead

So when the road is long

And the journey seems too tough

Remember that you're capable

And that you're enough

For you are here for a reason

And your life has purpose true

So rise up, dear one, rise up

And let your light shine through.

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