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The Best Teacher.



Paxton Dillon


Funny rhyming poem to help brighten up your day.

We were going to the grocery store to get something to eat
Then came along my teacher whose name was Mrs. Beet
She asked if we wanted to come to her house to have a bite to eat
We said to her that it sounded kind of neat
We went to her house which was down a long street
We walked into her house and she said take a seat
We were just about to eat a plate full of meat
When out came her husband whose name was Mr. Pete
Then he said "Why use your hands let's eat with our feet."
When we finished Mrs. Beet came out with a treat
The treat was made of ice cream and wheat
After the treat we sang a song yet we were of beat
When we left Mr. Pete and Mrs. Beet said "That was a fun little treat!"
And then we replied "You're the best teacher ever Mrs. Beet!"

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