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Embrace All Emotions



JR Afra


Don't be afraid to feel.

Embrace all emotions, every single one,
For life is a journey that's never quite done,
The highs and the lows, the joy and the pain,
Are all part of the fabric that makes us human again.

Don't fear the tears that may fall from your eyes,
They water the soul and help it to rise,
The anger that flares, or the sadness that grips,
Are signposts to help us navigate life's twists and dips.

Embrace the love that can fill up your heart,
The kind that's both gentle and fierce from the start,
For it's love that connects us and makes us all whole,
And helps us to weather life's storms with a soul.

Emotions are gifts, like colors on a palette,
Each one has its place, each one is valid,
So embrace them all, every single hue,
For it's through them we grow, and we become anew.

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