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The Gingerbread Man



Paxton Dillon


This poem can brighten up anyone's day and bring a smile to their face.

Okay, I'll start. This is the gingerbread man.
I truly smell incredible
Yeah yeah, I'm really crazy.
I know I’m in a pickle,
But really I'm fast as a pixel.
I almost dash out the door
But first, I fell in a drawer.
Luckily, I made my way Out.
Hit a dog's snout very soon
Tripped on a pie
only after I Told a big lie.
And then There was a big chase.
I was feeling a big disgrace.
As I led people over to the Mud hole
I fortunately Tripped in a puddle.
They kept Going still unknowing
that I was behind.
And then, I took a kick to the behind
From something Blind.
Met a nice fox that had very bad chicken pox.
Maybe I have wet socks
But that doesn't mean that I need to get beaten..
Because I am the Super, fantastic Gingerbread man,
Who doesn't want to get eaten.

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