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Compassionate Symphony



JR Afra


A tribute to my wonderful mother.

My mother taught me how to work hard,
to never give up, to always guard,
my dreams, my goals, and my every desire.

A mindset that makes every day marvelous,
like a ray of sunshine that pierces the clouds;
It lifts me when I feel down.
Giving back to refugees is her call.

A compassion that makes my heart stand tall,
like a river that flows with empathy,
I help those in need and set them free.

Teamwork is the final lesson she taught,
a collaboration that cannot be bought,
like a symphony playing in perfect sync,
we work together and never shrink.

So I take these lessons to heart and soul,
and make them my guide, my lifelong goal,
to work hard, think positively, give back, and team up,
and always keep going until I reach the top.

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