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Verdant and Lively



JR Afra


Raphi wants to convey to his readers of the importance of true friendship.

Verdant and lively are the fields of the spring,
Where the beauty of nature doth gently sing.
And in this season of love and care,
We celebrate the bond of our friendship so rare.
With gentle whispers, the flowers do smile,
Their petals spread as if to say, “Stay awhile.”
And with a glance, the blue sky so bright,
It emits warmth with comfort and delight.
A golden sun, so warm and so bright,
With beams that dance in the sky of pure light.
Like a light in the dark, a friend does shine,
Bringing comfort, hope, and love so divine.
Oh, the joy of a bond that is strong,
A connection that is always right.
With a heart so pure, a soul so fair,
A friendship that is a treasure so rare.
And so, on this day of love and care,
We celebrate our bond beyond compare.
A friendship that blooms, like the flowers so bright,
A love that shines in the warm sun’s light.

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