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  • Writer's pictureS. Alston

Empowering Kids through Reading: Tips for Finding the Right Books

As parents, we all want our children to learn and grow, but sometimes it can be hard to find ways to make learning fun. One of the best tools we have as parents are books, ebooks and audiobooks. Not only can they be entertaining, but when they have a lesson to teach, they can make learning fun.

But with so many books to choose from, how does a parent of young children know what to look for in a good book?

Here are some tips to help you fill your bookshelves with great books


  1. Look for books that empower children to use their imaginations: Books that encourage children to create their own stories and use their imaginations can help foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

  2. Look for books that teach self-regulation and self-soothing skills: Empowering books should teach children how to handle difficult emotions and self-regulate their behavior. Books with calming techniques or mindfulness exercises can help children learn to manage their emotions.

  3. Look for books encouraging positive and helpful behavior: Empowering books should teach children about empathy, kindness and problem-solving. Look for books that teach children how to make good choices, help others, and be a positive influence.

  4. Choose a range of books that are age-appropriate: Basic concept books can be great for toddlers, but as children age, they can be drawn to stories that are simply entertaining. Be sure to include books that are appropriate for your child's age range, but still offer valuable lessons and empowerment.

  5. Look for ebooks and audiobooks that can be taken on the go: With busy schedules, it can be hard to find time to read with your child. Having ebooks and audiobooks that you can take with you on road trips or listen to before bedtime can make it easier to incorporate reading into your child's routine.

At Bloom Publications, we believe in empowering children through reading. Check out our collection of empowering books for kids that teach S.E.L principles and promote positive behavior that are entertaining and so much fun to read.

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