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When I Take the Shot



Quinn Maverick


It is about the camaraderie of competing together on a teem.

After waiting and waiting I’m finally on the field.
Running all the way down with the wind viciously blowing in my face.
I make a pass to my teammate and my opponents immediately swarm him like a crowd of bees
He tries to make a pass but the defenders ferociously steal the soccer ball from him.
I fell back with my teammates but the player had already shot
We are all so worried about what might happen next
It goes to the top right corner of the net and I hold my breath
Luckily our goalie jumps up and saves it and I breath again
I have the ball once more but the defenders are coming at me quick
So based on instinct I make another pass which gets my defenders off me.
I run into the net and I feel so much pressure when I finally get a pass.
I then turn around and take the shot.

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