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Natures Magnificent Beauty



Quinn Maverick


It is a poem about a variety of things in nature from the wildlife to the plants. It shows how to appreciate nature for those who can't.

I am outside
I hear the birds chirping, chirp, chirp, chirp
They are singing a beautiful melody
The wind is whistling, blowing on the plants
Its singing is as beautiful as an ancient angel
I look at all the flowers and they all are quite unique
Some of the trees are 50 feet tall others only a couple yards

I see the tree which sways in a graceful pattern
The lush green shades on the trees give so much variety
When showing its breathtaking beauty in ways like it has a brain
The creatures are everywhere: ants, snails, birds.
There are so many it looks like there are a million

I can smell the flowers that are in the
Middle of a truly perfect bloom
Despite all the rough wind they still persevered
The dead leaves give off an unique smell
That only few specific people would enjoy

I imagine touching the flowers
Some would be rough but others smooth
The bushes have a whole basket of colors
The bark on the trees is softening and slowly falling off
This is nature's magnificent beauty

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